A Women's Empowerment health, wellness & business empire

by Ms. Vihil H. Vigil, MBA, PMP, CHHC, United States Navy Veteran

Business Development for Women | Health, Wellness & Business Coaching | Empowering Events | Women's Empowerment Programming

International Women in Business Mastermind
The Vigil Center for the Arts

Arts organization dedicated to coaching and featuring new Artists of diverse backgrounds in Gallery Exhibitions.

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Business Brunches Power Luncheons
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Therapeutic Empowerment

​A Women's Empowerment Health, Wellness & Business Coaching firm dedicated to ACTION TAKING AMBITIOUS WOMEN!

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Magistra Magazine

A Women's Empowerment Business Magazine for Entrepreneurs​

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The Online Summits
Offered Twice a Year & Dedicated to Business Women of Diversity

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As Founder, Creator and CEO of The Empowerment Empire, LLC. I’m a FIERCE WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT COACH, I create amazing programs to bring women together through my signature motto of COLLECTIVE COLLABORATION and this is not something that I take lightly...

With ambition and achievement comes great responsibility and I step up to the mic and the podium to accept that responsibility with a whole heart and full confidence that we will all succeed in our goals and dreams TOGETHER and I can help get you there while I pursue my own journey to goal accomplishment by helping you to reach your dreams! 

For more details on Therapeutic Empowerment visit: www.womensempowermentcoach.us

Through my organization Therapeutic Empowerment I challenge the mindset of very busy professional family focused women and women business owners like YOU by being your personal empowerment coach! My specialty is working with complex go getter women who want more from life but aren’t sure how to make it happen! I left Corporate Business Development & Project Management to follow my true path in life and I’d LOVE to connect with more women who want the same for themselves!!!

EMPOWERU! is our signature coaching program and cycles once a quarter. EMPOWERU! is a ONE to ONE Coaching Course that WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!.
For greater details: https://womensempowermentcoach.us/empoweru-1

My book for Empowering the self through action journaling called
“Not Without My Coffee!” is another way to create a better life in 6 weeks! 

Take a look: https://womensempowermentcoach.us/empowerment-reading Currently working on our Second Edition i.e. A Second Cup! Stay Tuned for its release in November 2020!

I produce The Women of Diversity Business Brunches, Power Luncheons, the Magistra Magazine Summer & Fall Online Summits, The International Women in Business Mastermind Podcast & Magistra Magazine. Magistra Magazine is a pride & joy of mine where I am able to feature amazing women entrepreneurs, leaders and business moguls of the world. 

Magistra Magazine launched it’s inaugural issue in Spring 2020 to Empower Women by Encouraging Expression. 

The mission of Magistra Magazine is to feature women leaders who are business owners and entrepreneurs to tell their stories to the rise of their accomplishments from the roots to where they began. Each issue features women leaders from the United States and around the world, Women business owners have the exclusive honor to advertising within a 100% woman owned & operated magazine and to find other women owned events and businesses within our resource section! I am sending out into the world a women’s empowerment magazine which is filled with stories of groundbreaking successful women entrepreneurs to describe how they found their success and to give their advice to all of the women who are working so very hard to achieve their own dreams!! Magistra Magazine is designed for US, FOR YOU AND ALL OF THE AMAZING ENTREPRENEURISTAS OF THE WORLD!

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