From a small town in Northern California to the United States Navy, to the Pacific Northwest, to The San Francisco Bay, the Sacramento Valley and soon on to San Diego...


Ms. Vihil H. Vigil began as an imaginative designer, painter, photographer and business woman driven by an incredible passion for self-expression. Her works of photography are often noted for their unique style, elegance, and the ability to grab your gaze. Vihil's visions in oil paint and photography have been shown in over 20 art exhibitions, most of which were solo artist shows from the North Coast of California to Dallas, Texas, San Francisco & Sacramento, California. Ms. Vigil has a BA in Art History, a Certificate of Study in Museum & Gallery Practices, an MBA in International Business Management and a PMP Project Management Professional credential combined with over 20 years of  business experience. 

Ms. Vigil's original works of art have been collected by many in a global community of art lovers. Her photographs are known for the unique imagery she has developed; captured by Vihil Photographix which reaches into the depths of human inspirations, motivations, passions and wonderment. Often noted for creating dreamlands in her photo projects Ms. Vigil is consistently challenged with the desire to bring something new to her viewers, clients, collectors and sitters. As a Mixed Media Artist, Ms. Vigil has created and sold sculptures and large scale paintings exhibited in San Francisco, Sacramento, Arcata and Eureka, California and Dallas, Texas.

After pursuing a Masters Degree in Business Administration Ms. Vigil took to Business Development as she took to the brush when creating a masterpiece in oil paint. 

Spending 20 years in Non-Profit Organizations, For-Profit Corporations, Directing Membership based organizations and then as a Senior Project Manager for the University of California Berkeley, Davis and the UC Office of the President Ms. Vigil was ready for a big change and decided to not only begin a new life as a Mother but also as an Entrepreneur!

 Throughout Empowerment Empire, Therapeutic Empowerment, Magistra International, Magistra Magazine, The Vigil Center for the Arts and this website www.Vihil.com you will learn of the many accomplishments and passions Ms. Vigil has put first and foremost in her life to inspire women, to launch women, and to further advance women who have a dream to succeed and grow beyond their given circumstances, beyond the life they were born into. 

 Many of us have a dream to succeed and Ms. Vigil has dedicated her life to making sure that every woman she comes into contact with knows that SHE TOO CAN DO IT! YOU TOO CAN FIND THE SUCCESS IN YOUR LIFE YOU SO DESIRE AND YOU DESERVE THE SUCCESS YOU SO WISH TO ACHIEVE!