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the vigil center for the arts & altered egos art house

A non-profit organization dedicated to bringing creative community spaces where artists and appreciators of art co-exist and thrive off of one another's innovations.

The Vigil Center for the Arts developed out of the need to create an umbrella over the many projects growing from Vihil Vigil Studios such as The Voices Projects, Business for Artists Workshops and in particular Altered Egos Art House at Sacramento's Monthly Second Saturday Midtown Art Walk.

The Art House is a fine art gallery exhibiting space and a working studio for writers, painters, photographers, graphic designers, sculptors, and brain stormers. It is a haven for the art lover and the people watcher. It is an educational facility for both adults and growing children to explore their artistic sides and benefit from presentations by working artists. Altered Egos Art House is a meeting place for all those interested in the arts and in its beginnings, history and its future.

Future Plans - Through rotating Second Saturday art exhibition commissions, sales from The Voices Project Anthologies, Community & Art Program development grants and through your generous donations we hope to open our very own space by 2019.  

Altered Egos Art House is now a fully rotating gallery within various locations of the Sacramento Valley!

Visit Altered Egos Art House on Facebook for monthly events Here!

If you are interested in donating time, efforts or monetary donations to help grow Altered Egos Art House and to assist in the securing of our very own gallery space please email Vihil directly at!

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the vigil center for the arts

Voices de Queer Femmes Anthology is a collection of stories, poems, narratives and more from the perspective of the feminine lesbian and queer person of color.

The collection gathered over the course of 4 years includes 25 authors producing a collection covering over a hundred pages. Voices de Queer Femmes Anthology is housed within the libraries of The Sacramento LGBT Community Center and The Gender Health Center, Sacramento, CA, is available for purchase via and can be found in Sacramento area book stores and gift shops.

Find us on Facebook!                                              Purchase a copy signed by the Editor in Chief Here!

Bulk orders to incorporate into your class or organization are discounted!


The Voices Project began with a desire to the tell stories of who we are & how we experience life. The Voices Project currently consists of the first anthology
Voices de Queer Femmes Volume I, we are currently taking entries for Volume II, Voices of Queer Youth and now for Voices of a Generation.

Voices de Queer Femmes Volume Iis focused on the Lesbian, Trans, & Queer identified feminine persons of color. The anthology comprises of poems, narratives, sonnets, shocking moments and love stories to make you laugh, cry & critique the world around you. It is over 100 pages and includes more than 25 participants to make it all come together. It is a breathtaking piece of work that I hope you choose to consider adding to your personal & collective book collections.


Voices of the Feminine

Now taking entries for publishing in 2019
The second volume opens the opportunity to all Feminine LGBTQ+ Persons & our Femme Allies regardless of origins to submit stories, poems, narratives, and works of art! And because so many of us femmes love to cook there is a special section dedicated to "Dancing in the Kitchen" specific for your recipes with photographs of your amazing dishes.
Send your submissions today to

Subject: Voices of the Feminine, (Name or Nom de Plume)
The deadline is December 31, 2019.

Voices of Queer Youth Anthology

Now taking entries for publishing in 2018
If you are or know of a young person under the age of 25 and identifying as LGBTQI+ please send them our way with their stories, poems, narratives, and works of art!
Send your submissions today to

Subject: Voices of Queer Youth, (Name or Nom de Plume)

The deadline is December 31, 2019.

Anthology Submission Guidelines:

  • Opinion pieces/social commentaries: 500-700 word
  • Personal essays: 700-1400 word
  • Poetry: 3 poems or no more than 1000 word
  • Photography: At least 3 images emailed in high resolution JPEG, PDF, or PNG file
  • Literary Submissions should be in Microsoft Word, one-inch margins or included in the email body
  • Author's name or nom de plume
  • Optional: photograph, website, bio details, plans for the future...

Voices of a Generation

This volume in The Voices Project reaches further into the current climate our nation faces with a goal of presenting alternative & positive outcomes to situations affecting all of our people and all of our lives as a global community. Now taking entries for publishing in 2020.

Chapter 1: How to be the change you wish to see in the world…
How can you/do you/would you operate to bring about positive change in our current political & socioeconomic climate?

Chapter 2: Where are you from & how did you get here?

Tell us your stories of your ancestors and how your origins and life experiences have made you the person you are today?

Chapter 3: The Way of our Future...

​How do you envision your own personal future? What does the world around you look like and how does it function? Are we truly a global society in the future or are we separatist nations?  

Email your written response, illustrations or recordings for transcription to
Subject: Voices of a Generation Chapter #, (Name or Nom de Plume)

Have an idea for a Chapter focus? Email The Editor!
Chapters will be developed as the prior nears conclusion
Our goal is to print in January 2020

In the wake of our great nation's current climate
Voices of a Generation will culminate by being delivered to

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500